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Headteacher's Blog

Keep up to date with specific news, thoughts and insights from our Headteacher, Mr Loftus.  Posts will be updated regularly to give a wide range of relevant news and information for students, parents and staff.

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  • Our School Mission in action

    Published 06/02/18

    Our school mission is in every classroom and on every wall. We believe the children can be truly brilliant and we all work hard to give them every opportunity so that they have the skills, qualities and qualifications to be able to go onto University or start a career of their choice. Here are three stories about life at Norton from the last two weeks which sum up what the school’s mission is about in real terms.

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  • How to inspire a love of learning

    Published 30/01/18

    Teachers have so many ideas on how to improve their classrooms. To help focus this enthusiasm senior leaders work with staff to agree some common ideas that all teachers can try. We adhere to these few ideas for a few years to make them stick and we hope this helps children see the connections between subjects and develop as learners. I thought it might be useful to share the strategies staff are working on to inspire a love of learning in our students.

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  • Our three priorities

    Published 19/01/18

    We welcomed staff back to the Spring term with our final full training day of the year. Once again we talked about our progress as a school with our three priorities and we have agreed with governors to focus on.

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  • Connecting with the wider community

    Published 20/11/17

    In the last two weeks the school has connected with the wider community to mark three significant events. Once again a group of Year 9 students journeyed to Belgium to learn more about the significance of WW2. This is one of our longest standing international visits and this year coincided with Remembrance Sunday. This year was particularly successful, due to a combination of timing, great students, willing staff and an outstanding service from our travel company. Taking children away from College comes with lots of red tape and I am always so grateful to staff who give up their weekends to give children such memorable experiences. The pictures on Twitter were really evocative.

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  • Great News!

    Published 19/10/17

    I would like to share some great news with you. We are, again, a Good school following a visit from Ofsted on 20th September 2017.

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  • Moving forward

    Published 16/10/17

    While we await  the official report from our positive one day short inspection from Ofsted, school continues to operate at breakneck speed. Following a relaunch of our senior student programme, I recently enjoyed reading over 100 applications from students in all years. The quality of literacy, the amount of pride for the school and the desire to make a difference was impressive and I look forward to the next step in the selection process which will be led by the sixth form senior student team.

    Our new roof is slowly appearing and the consensus is that it looks smart. We hope contractors will complete their task a week after half term.  Students have dealt with this interruption well. This will improve the flow of children around the site as we will be able to re-open exits which have been closed since September.

    The application process for Year 6 applications for secondary places nears completion and a feature of my week has been to tour the College with prospective parents and their children.  Parents told me repeatedly how they wish they could come back to school if it was like Norton is now. I agree! It is a privilege to be able to walk into all classrooms and see the learning taking place. Work is active, challenging and yet the children are relaxed and engaged.

    The theme for last week’s assemblies was all about my favourite ASPIRE value- RESPECT . I talked about the rights of minorities in our country and the responsibility we all have to ensure that everyone is known and respected as an individual. It was encouraging to sense the receptiveness of the students to support those who could feel marginalised in school. 

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  • A Summer of Achievement

    Published 14/09/17

    The Summer brought amazing experiences for the Norton Community and another set of brilliant results. Whilst I cycled 1000 miles from Land’s End to John O' Groats and raised money for Mind, a group of 6 students travelled to Borneo. Thanks to the commitment of Mr Stones and Ms Halkyard, these students were able to take part in an unforgettable month long visit, experiencing world travel, and engaging in educational and environmental projects. One student described the experience as “life changing.”

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  • Best ever Post 16 results!

    Published 18/08/17

    Brilliant and Best Ever Sixth form results at Norton College!

    Students and staff celebrated a brilliant set of Sixth Form results at Norton College. Results in all types of qualification were the best ever recorded at the College.

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  • 7th July, 2017

    Published 07/07/17

    As usual, at the end of summer term there are the traditional changes of staffing. College is closing early at 12.30 on Friday 21 July 2017 so we can bid colleagues farewell.

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  • 12th May, 2017

    Published 12/05/17

    Schools are community and Norton, especially because of its size and family connections, feels like an extended family. Nothing gives us more pride than seeing students grow in our care in the 7 years they are with us. While we always focus on examination preparation, we also seek to support and nurture the skills and qualities in students which help them play an active part in our community

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  • 27th March, 2017

    Published 27/03/17

    The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for the team at Norton – sporting fixtures, spring concert, an external review and exam preparation. Our traditional Spring Concert offered a brilliant showcase to some of the talents in the school. Our belief in student leadership meant that those students who organised, hosted and produced the event were assessed as part of their Post 16 courses.

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  • Sixth Form Success

    Published 26/01/17

    The performance tables published recently offer a perspective to parents on sixth form provision.

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