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Connecting with the wider community

In the last two weeks the school has connected with the wider community to mark three significant events. Once again a group of Year 9 students journeyed to Belgium to learn more about the significance of WW2. This is one of our longest standing international visits and this year coincided with Remembrance Sunday. This year was particularly successful, due to a combination of timing, great students, willing staff and an outstanding service from our travel company. Taking children away from College comes with lots of red tape and I am always so grateful to staff who give up their weekends to give children such memorable experiences. The pictures on Twitter were really evocative.

Secondly, Children in Need activities have been well supported and so well run by senior students the College easily surpassed last year’s total and over £1600 was raised. The generosity of our children reflects well on how students have engaged with the concept of supporting children who have significant challenges to overcome.

Thirdly, in the same week teachers and mentors have introduced a series of short 15 minute activities into lessons to promote thinking about this year’s national Anti-Bullying message, “All Different All Equal”. Conversations with children throughout the week tell me this has generated many thoughts about how throwaway comments can be unwittingly hurtful to others. This repetition of the need to respect different aspects within our core value of RESEPCT, my favourite ASPIRE, value is one we can never talk enough about.

While so much of school life is about preparing children to be successful in examinations, here at Norton we take a great deal of pride in placing as much emphasis on how children grow up to be respectful and responsible citizens in our community.