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Our three priorities

We welcomed staff back to the Spring term with our final full training day of the year. Once again we talked about our progress as a school with our three priorities and we have agreed with governors to focus on.

To inspire a love of learning by:

1. Creating independent and reflective learners

2. Ensuring all learners are challenged to strive for academic excellence

To build ambitious and aspirational leadership by:

1. Developing leaders who are effective and accountable

2. Developing confident and autonomous leaders

Create a culture of engagement & aspirations

1. Developing a collective ownership of engagement.

2. Sustaining a culture where all aspire to be truly brilliant

We will focus on these priorities for at least two years. On the training day it was good to be able to share with staff the early progress of all three.

With regard to Priority One, it was great to be able to share with staff how positive my teams “drop ins” to lessons had gone. At Norton we have created a culture where staff welcome unannounced visits to check standards and capture great ideas. I am able to report that all lessons visited were what we would envisage as a basic expectation and encouragingly two thirds of staff are already showing teaching strategies which promote Priority One in a way the school describes as “at its best.”

These teachers are often the ones we call on to share their ideas on our Monday training sessions. By sharing our best we have learnt we can all get better. This is a fantastic culture to have in a teaching body.

This year I have promised to use this blog to keep parents informed of our priorities and our progress so you can see how you can play your part in continuing to improve our College.