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How to inspire a love of learning

Teachers have so many ideas on how to improve their classrooms. To help focus this enthusiasm senior leaders work with staff to agree some common ideas that all teachers can try. We adhere to these few ideas for a few years to make them stick and we hope this helps children see the connections between subjects and develop as learners. I thought it might be useful to share the strategies staff are working on to inspire a love of learning in our students.

Feedback and Reflection

We are trying to further develop the impact of our feedback to children. A lot of staff time can go into marking work which has no impact on pupils being able to progress. We now encourage students to reflect on key tasks either before or after the teacher has marked it. Sometimes children will edit their work using a purple-coloured pen so we can see how they have improved it. Often students spend a lesson reviewing and re-drafting work once it has been marked so they can act on the advice teachers have offered.

Effective and Impactful Home learning

Staff have spent time reviewing what is effective homework and many staff use online revision tools when setting work which reinforces learning.

In addition, we have centralised school systems to challenge children who do not complete homework. This term if a child misses two homework assignments a week they will serve a sanction at lunchtime. We hope this helps all children to become more organised. We also direct students to home learning club after school where help is at hand to complete tasks set by teachers

Revision and Study Skills

It is not uncommon to hear children tell you they do not know how to revise so this year we are explicitly teaching students strategies that research tells us really make a difference.

Challenge and academic excellence

Our final focus is to ensure that all our lessons are challenging. By using students’ progress data carefully, we hope our teachers can plan activities that challenge all students with the work they complete and the questions they are asked by the teacher.

Our early finish every second Monday creates valuable training time, either as a whole staff or as subject groups to share experiences and learn from each other.

When the school was inspected this year, Ofsted recognised the highly effective monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning. They acknowledged too that all staff take part in appropriate professional development to keep standards high. This external judgement should give parents confidence that the College continues to improve.