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We are all leaders

How to build ambitious and aspirational leadership across the College.

As a firmly established “Good” school we want to maintain the family feel of the College by helping develop a sense of responsibility in all. In other words, leaders’ jobs are to help their teams feel confident enough not to rely on their line manager for the solution to problems. The idea is to build in all our staff a sense that they are ambitious and autonomous.

Ambition at Norton for adults is defined as working hard, being determined and resilient and above all being self-reliant. 

Aspirational at Norton for adults means setting oneself challenging goals, having an idea where you want to get to and wanting to be the best you can be.

Both of these characteristics we hope will inspire our students to be aspirational and have drive and ambition.

How do we plan to achieve this in the next two years?

A focus on leaders. 

We plan to help middle and senior leaders become even better at their job of leading and listening to their teams by offering them bespoke training.

Autonomy for curriculum teams.

We plan to give teams greater freedom to set and track challenging pupil progress targets.

A focus on Professional standards.

We plan to return to the professional standards that shape the roles in schools and develop meaningful appraisal and self-reflection based around professional standards.

Talent Spotting.

We plan to spot talent across the school and create opportunities to staff to develop beyond their current brief.

How will we know we have made a difference?

We will be able to see great independence from team leaders in how they quality assure their teams work.  In addition, we will see greater independence from curriculum teams and a decline in the over reliance of centrally set pupil targets. Ultimately staff will all feel supported and challenged to achieve beyond expectations.ieve beyond expectations.