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How do we create and develop a culture of aspiration and engagement?

A recent external review of SEND coupled with a series of interview days, has brought many visitors into College.  They all talked about how respectful our children are and fun to be with. We are so fortunate to work in a school where mutual respect is such a force in how staff and students speak to each other.

Nevertheless, each year we set ourselves challenging targets to encourage our children to open their eyes to the opportunities that are available to them.  With great careers advice in Year 11 and Year 13, once again we believe everyone will go onto start their career or start university.

In addition, this year we have created an opportunity led by sixth formers and open to all students to encourage them to apply to a position of responsibility as a senior student.  More recently, we have begun to re-imagine how we can develop our rewards culture to a one that is built on recognition.  Each term over 70% of each year group are invited to rewards activities because of positive engagement throughout the term.  I am keen to consider how we can add to our culture to seek more ways to recognise this “silent majority”.