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End of term

The end of term has brought a flurry of events where our children have shone in events including; Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, cricket and football finals, work experience, Arts Festivals and proms. 

Congratulations go to Natasha Swiers and Beth Corner, Year 13, who completed The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award this summer.  They are the first students to complete Bronze, Silver and Gold at Norton which is a significant and life changing achievement.

Events and achievements such as Beth’s and Natasha’s are testament to two things at Norton – talented, hard- working students (with supportive parents) and staff who enjoy going the “extra mile” for these children.  A winning formula.

The government has finally accepted that funding in education in real terms has declined in the last five years.  They are too busy with BREXIT negotiations to suggest a solution!  This has meant that all schools are beginning to struggle to provide what has previously been provided. 

Going forward, as a stand-alone academy, governors have begun to look at how we can develop stronger partnerships with other schools so that we can prepare for even bleaker financial forecasts in the next three years.  Just like other services, for example the NHS who are struggling to cope, education is being slowly but surely squeezed.  I would like to thank the governors who are working diligently to look to maintain our standards.

On the first day of the holidays I will be setting off to cycle the west coast of Scotland from end to end.  I hope you all have time over the summer to enjoy a holiday and re-connect with family and friends.  This could be a “golden” summer.