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4th June, 2015

A Family of Schools
The election has confirmed the educational landscape for the next 5 years and we expect to see more and more North Yorkshire schools convert to academy status. With reduced funding, it is also expected that schools will begin to create families or clusters of schools around a common Trust. This not only saves money but it makes sense to share expertise more formally. We have enjoyed a positive working relationship with the staff and students of Langton Primary School for a number of years and we look forward to the development of a partnership which has the children and their best interests at heart.

Staff Recruitment and Promotions
Inevitably, staff who work at a good school become very marketable and we are delighted to see staff move onto promoted posts at the end of the year. The good news is that Norton is seen as a very desirable place to work and as our recruitment for next year is finalised I am delighted at the calibre of candidates we have recruited. One question I always ask candidates is about their first impression of Norton. The comments we receive reflect so well on all connected to College life, particularly our students who never fail to impress. Visitors also speak of a site which is clean and bright, staff who are welcoming and well-informed, and a sense of direction and momentum in the College.

Working at Norton is always hard work but it is also incredibly rewarding and it is nice to be reminded just what a good school Norton feels like to a visitor.