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29th April, 2015

Plans for Next Year
This is traditionally the time of the year when school leaders plan for the following year.  Even in tough financial times, we are determined to ensure that the resources to which students have access are the best they can be.  Last year, we significantly boosted the school’s wifi to enable children to bring their own device (BOYD), if they wished, to use for research in any lesson.  Next year, we have already agreed to fund a significant number of new computers for both the sixth form and faculties.  These new computers will mean that students will no longer need to book sessions in computer rooms if they wish to use the internet or type up research.

Dining Room
We have decided to update the furniture in the dining room which always reminds me of motorway service stations of the 1970s.  Modern flexible tables have been purchased which will create an even better environment where students may eat.

Sixth Form
New analysis from the government shows that the sixth form goes from strength to strength and compares very favourably with other 11 – 18 schools.  Encouragingly, all courses either A level or vocational were also very similar to York College.  We have made further investment into the sixth form building and students have told me that the new expectations are making a difference to their study habits.  Mrs McDonald has outlined how new privileges on offer to students who are on track have gone down well with students.  Driving lessons to sixth formers and freedom to take some private study at home seem to be very motivating!

As staff relocate or are promoted, we have also been busy recruiting new staff and I am delighted at the calibre of candidates.  Norton has now the perfect blend of very established experienced staff and a positive influx of well-qualified energetic new staff.  This is the perfect blend and fills me with confidence for the future.