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24th March, 2015

The Spring Term ends with yet another amazing overseas adventure.  Good luck to the A level Historians and students of Government and Politics who are travelling to America to soak up the political history of East Coast of America.  Once again, the staff dedication to the students makes such experiences possible.  Bon voyage!

We end each term with Key Stage celebration assemblies.  These assemblies not only award students who staff feel live up to our core values of ASPIRE, they also provide an opportunity to staff to share student work, videos, drama pieces or an out of school triumph with a supportive and interested audience.  They are uplifting and engaging for everyone.

The term ends on Friday but, as always, an Easter School spanning the whole holiday is on offer for students in Years 11 to 13.  The dedication of our students, coupled with staff drive is why Norton College is a great place to be as a teacher or student.