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27th January, 2015

Year 11 English and maths progress

Last week we shared with the children the results of the first entry in both subjects.  There were lots of smiles!  80% of the year group hit their English target.  Now 68% of the year group have secured a C or better in both subjects.  These are significant subjects for Year 11 as they shape what careers they can enter.  Individually, 75% of our students have a grade C or higher in English and 79% have a grade C or higher in maths, indicating that with 4 months left, we believe the students have the capacity to go even further.  A massive congratulations for their hard work and self belief.

Performance Tables

This week sees the publication of the government performance tables or “league tables”.  They were designed to give parents more information about school performance.  This year, as a result of mid-year changes the government brought into the tables, they have been dismissed by teaching leaders as largely ‘irrelevant’.  This is because they now only capture:

  • The first time a child sits an exam so if a child goes on to reach their target grade, this is not recorded for the school;
  • Subjects which the government now feels are too similar to other subjects or not as valuable as other subjects.

Last year’s results were great with 65% of students leaving with 5 GCSEs, including English and Maths, placing the school in the top 25% of schools with students who have similar starting points.  We already know that our current Year 11 have made even more progress with results in maths graded as within the top 5% of schools and 10% for English, for students with similar KS2 SATs results.