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20th January, 2015

Staff and students returned this term refreshed and looking relaxed and I spoke to all about the school’s mission and the belief in hard work.  I reminded all that self-belief starts every quest for improvement, whether it be a student trying to reach their target grade, or perform on a stage for the first time, or a member of staff trying a new teaching technique in a classroom.

I encouraged all to break hard work into two elements:  Resilience and Grit.

In all our lives, we need to show resilience.  To turn up every day, to finish coursework, mark books, plan lessons – this requires a belief in resilience and we have plenty of this at Norton.  However, we also have plenty of grit.  I explained that grit is the optimistic approach we use to deal with a new challenge.  We know the challenge may be hard but we look forward to it and if we fail, we learn from it and try again.

Both resilience and grit are pivotal in the school’s journey as we create a culture of continual improvement and I look forward to the new term with optimism.