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Trips and Visits – Life changing enhancement

November has encapsulated what Norton is truly about.  A wonderful combination of trips and visits, careful academic support for all children, which were topped off with a fantastic Charity Event. 

Trips and Visits – Life changing enhancement. 

Year 8 Bradford 

Our second year of inviting Year 8 students to broaden their understanding of other faiths took place this time with Years 5/6 from Settrington.  Once again, the children gained so much from the visit, not least an understanding that Islam is a faith that wholly rejects violence.  This week it was heartening to hear children describe the events in Paris as the work of extremists criminals who cannot represent the views of Islam as it is taught to Muslims throughout the world.  This maturity is exactly why trips like this take place and the views I have heard this week reflect so well on the education children are receiving at Norton and at home. 

I was delighted to see the continuation of two very established residential trips.  One was to London with a focus on Performing Arts and a second took students to the Battlefields of Belgium and France.  Our twitter account captures some of the memorable moments that children at Norton were able to experience.  These sort of curriculum enhancements stay with children for life and they are only possible because staff at Norton believe in them and have the capacity to organise them. 

Academic support and Challenge 

The other strength of Norton is our academic support for students. 

As you know, Maths is one of the beacon subjects at Norton and November saw 4 of our most gifted Mathematicians compete with the very best in the region.  Particular mention goes to Caleb who has also used November to sit the Oxford entrance examination.  He awaits the result with his usual North Yorkshire “laid back” attitude – something that will make him stand out from the elite crowd with whom he is mixing. 

Pre Public Examinations 

Year 13 and Year 11 have used November to take Pre Public Examinations.   In our day they were called “mocks” but now there is nothing pretend about them!  Students sit them formally in the Gym, they are marked and moderated rigorously and results are kept from them until a PPE Results day.  We have learnt this formality helps students manage the nerves better in the Summer.  It all helps, as last year’s results testify.   Students’ results put them in the top 10% of schools with children who have similar starting points. 

And Finally… 

Children in Need, once again, reinforced what a cohesive supportive “family feel” we have at Norton.  A week of events, brilliantly organized by Heads of Charity Lottie and Will, saw a range of fundraising events culminating in an uplifting Non Uniform Day on Friday.  No surprise that the money raised on the day £1150 was the most we have ever raised.  

What a brilliant community I have the privilege of leading.