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A Christmas update

2015 Results. The verdict

While we knew the results in the Summer were brilliant, we have now received an external analysis which tells us just how great they were. An organisation called Fischer Family Trust (FFT) has compared the progress of our Year 11 students with students in other schools across the country who had similar starting points.  FFT told us that the progress of Norton students would place them in the top 15% of students across the country.

A similar report was sent by the DfE which also painted a positive picture for Year 13 results. The progress of students, particularly in applied learning, has been confirmed as much higher than what they would have been expected to achieve in other schools or colleges.  Great news for students and staff!

Working with Langton Primary School

This term we began an exciting chapter in our development as a school working within the wider community.  This year, timetables for 5 staff were designed to include time to work at Langton – just 10 minutes away.  Mrs Ray, Headteacher at Langton, is delighted with how this is enriching her students’ learning.  By sharing the talents of both schools, we are convinced this is how schools will work in the future and we are delighted that our bold venture is working.

Looking forward to 2016

Early indications of pupil numbers in both Year 7 and Year 12 are encouraging.  This growth in numbers in both year groups is pivotal as the school’s finances are based on pupil numbers, and a gradual decline of numbers is now being reversed.   When talking to parents who are selecting the College from both our traditional catchment and beyond, they all attest to the level of confidence our community has in the College.  This optimism in our ability is really motivating for all concerned.  It means that we can continue to plan for how the school enhances its provision both in terms of staff and resources.  As I visit other schools I know this positive financial forecast is a picture that is not replicated in all schools.

Family Matters

As we approach the Christmas break, it is a time to regroup as families and remind ourselves what really matters.  The “family feel” of our community is often cited by staff who work here as the reason they stay at Norton.  Thank you for your continued support and on behalf of all at Norton College, may I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!