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Progress in Dynamic times

In such dynamic educational times, I could not be more pleased with Norton’s agreed direction of travel.

Everything that we do at Norton is about giving our children the skills, qualities and qualifications to enable them to have the opportunity to secure a place at university or a career of their choice, a relevant alternative.

Schools are, once again, ‘enjoying’ a period of incredible dynamism in the educational landscape with declining budgets, a new slimmed down role for Local Authorities and curriculum and assessment changes.

Nevertheless, Norton feels we are prepared for the future. We have set up as a Multi-Academy Trust and the Trust is called Evolution. We are now actively working with schools within 30-45 minutes of Malton and Norton who wish to plan how we can all collaborate in a way which ensures we continue to thrive.

Norton is currently in a really good place with:

* our admission numbers showing a positive trend of growth both in Year 7 and Year 12;

* the excellent quality of staff we are recruiting;

* and our yearly external review revealed that the College’s performance continues to strengthen.

It feels that our strategic vision for the College will ensure that despite the external pressures that will be brought to bear on all schools, Norton will continue to thrive.