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Merry Christmas from Norton College

As we break for the Christmas holidays, it is always a chance to reflect on the term just completed. It has, once again, been full of the traditional Norton themes.

High Expectations
Everyone connected with the College always tries to give their best to the College, whether it is through teaching, pastoral care or administrative support. We don’t always reach our high expectations but we try every day. Indications suggest Year 11 and Year 13 have taken pre public examinations seriously and are well placed to build on this next term.

Learning Beyond the Classroom
We are so lucky to have staff who want to enhance their subjects by teaching outside of the classrooms, be it organising charity events at lunchtimes, trips to Malton, York, and residential trips to London. This term has, once again, seen an amazing set of enhancements which I know the children appreciate.

A Family Feel
Norton is still a small school where we are all known and respected as individuals. This term I was asked to review a large outstanding school in London. It was amazing, however, the family feel that we take for granted was missing. New staff who joined us in September have all commented on how strong a sense of family there is at Norton. For your children, this sense of community is something I know you all value,

Have a very restful and restorative break.