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Loan Chromebooks

During the lockdown period, Norton College was able to loan Chromebooks to those students without access to IT at home to help support the online learning through Teams.

We have decided not to ask for those Chromebooks back, and allow any student who wants to keep them to do so.

We are currently working on the fine details of how this transfer of ownership will occur.  As the Chromebooks are still configured and managed by Norton College, we will probably need to collect them back in over the October half term, remove them from our management systems, and then hand them back to you as a standalone device.  More information on exactly how this process will work will follow, but you can register your interest in keeping the device by completing THIS form.

If you have already handed your Chromebook back into us, but would have liked to have kept it, please contact Mr S Layton on and we will arrange to get this back to you.

If you no longer have any need for the loan Chromebook, please bring them back into College at your convenience.