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The Trust

Evolution Schools Learning Trust (ESLT) is the legal entity responsible for the governance of the academy within the Trust.  The Trustees are accountable to the Members of the CompanyEvolution is accountable to the DfE and ESFA for the quality of the education the academy provides and the quality of financial management.  We are required to have systems in place through which we can assure themselves of quality, safety and good practice.

The Trust upholds and delivers upon the three core functions of governance as set out in the Academy Trust Handbook: 

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure that its money is well spent, including the pupil premium grant

The Trust has one academy, Norton College.  As a standalone academy trust (SAT), we only need a Trust Board and not a Local Governing Body (LGB) as well.

The Trust will act strategically and within its governance structure to enable and empower the school to operate with the following intent:

  • To create a vibrant, inclusive, caring and safe environment where students thrive academically and socially and which is universally recognised as outstanding
  • To develop a love of learning and to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students
  • To offer a breadth of subjects and knowledge and to develop a range of skills which are useful in wider life
  • To develop well-rounded young people who are tolerant, respectful, and able to make a positive contribution to society
  • To recognise and support the College aims of ASPIRE – achievement, self-belief, pride, independence, respect and engagement

The Trustees of Norton College have the responsibility to set the strategic direction of the school. We work closely with the Headteacher and senior leaders within the school to ensure that students have high expectations and achieve as best they possibly can and in a variety of ways.  The priorities of the school are set out in the Raising Achievement Plan (RAP).

The Trust Board is made up of trust appointed and parent governors.  The Trust has strategic responsibility for standards and progress, the RAP priorities, safeguarding and compliance, the financial health of the school, risks and audits.

We have two committees:-

Education and Standards - this committee focuses on outcomes, the Quality of Education the students receive and experience, Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes, Leadership and Management, safeguarding and the sixth form.  The committee monitors and evaluates progress against these priorities as detailed in the RAP

Finance, Audit and Risk – this committee focuses on the budget, finance matters generally, risk, staffing, health and safety, and premises.  This committee monitors and evaluates how effectively, the school allocates and spends its resources.  It ensures that the school is compliant and also that is a safe place for students and staff to be.

Another key role each Trustee undertakes is to link to a particular element of the Raising Achievement Plan; visiting regularly and building up a supportive relationship with the Senior Leaders and staff.  These links allow governors to witness first-hand the progress made by the school, hear the student voice, analyse evidence and understand future needs.  We then use this information as part of our assessment of the performance of the school.  We also have link Trustees for particular areas such as Pupil Premium, SEND, safeguarding and others.

However, being a Trustee is not all about work: we enjoy attending the Open Evening, annual presentation evening, the school concerts, Norton's Got Talent show, the annual school production as well as being involved in a brilliant school of which we are very proud.

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