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Subject/Curriculum Leader: Mrs B Sobey


Here in Geography, we are all about teaching powerful Geography that sparks student interest in the world around them and encourages curiosity towards different aspects of the subject and how they are connected. Through our enquiry-based curriculum we are able to help our students answer some of the important geography questions listed in our topic overview below. More importantly, we are able to inspire students to ask their own questions and think critically about important issues we face in the world today.

The delivery of the curriculum is inter-linked with other curriculum areas to create a holistic approach to learning in a fun and engaging way.  We offer a variety of current up to date topics with different experiments, field work and activities built in to allow students to be fully immersed in an exciting Geography education!


“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment.” David Attenborough


Key Stage 3

In year 7, 8 and 9 students receive four Geography lessons a fortnight. These lessons start by building on the foundations that were laid at Key Stage 2 and are designed to help students develop critical thinking skills that enable them to question the world in which they live.  Each topic provide a range of concepts for students to master, and links are made with other aspects of Geography as well as other subjects.

Students will also get the opportunity to participate in fieldwork, as this is an integral part of our curriculum. These will be carried out virtually, within school and further afield too!

Find the topic structure below:

Year 7 –

Autumn term

  1. How fantastic is our world?
  2. Why is Africa a continent of so many contrasts?

Spring term

  1. What is weather and climate?
  2. What is an economy?

Summer term

  1. Is the Earth running out of natural resources?
  2. Why are rivers so important?

Year 8 –

Autumn Term

  1. Why is the Holderness coastline so famous?
  2. What is development?

Spring Term

  1. Is it safe to live in a hazard zone?
  2. How are populations changing?

Summer Term

  1. How is Asia being transformed?
  2. Is the Geography of Russia a curse or a benefit?


Year 9

Autumn Term

  1. Why are there such extreme ecosystems on our planet?
  2. How has ice shaped the UK?

Spring Term

  1. Where are crimes happening?
  2. Why is the Middle East so important?

Summer Term

  1. What does the future of our planet look like due to climate change?
  2. What geographical successes and problems are we facing in the world today?


Key Stage 4


At KS4, Geography offers an exciting programme to support students in gaining their GCSE Geography. We follow the Edexcel Geography Spec B programme of study. The assessment for this GCSE is 100% exam based, comprising of 3 separate exams which take place at the end of Year 11. Students study three components:

Global Issues

UK Geographical Issues

People and the Environment

Over the course of the two years, students approach these components through an enquiry-based curriculum with a variety of different ways to apply their learning that compliments their exam model. Fieldwork is a significant part of the course that is very much enjoyed by students.


Please find the course structure outlined below:

Year 10

Autumn term

  • People and the biosphere
  • Forests under threat

Spring term

  • Consuming energy resources
  • The UK’s evolving physical landscape

Summer term

  • Geographical investigations

Year 11

Autumn term

  • Hazardous earth

Spring term

  • Development dynamics
  • Challenges of an urbanising world


Summer term

  • Exams