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Learn from home

Last updated 07/04/20

NEW: DfE resources to help educate your children at home

The department for education has released a list of resources for you to use to help educate your children at home.  If children have completed the work that their teachers have set for them on Microsoft Teams, then please have a look at these resources HERE.

Help accessing Microsoft Teams

To allow students to continue to access teaching and learning content while the College is closed, staff have started to upload work to Microsoft Teams.  Each stduent will have access to a work area for each of their subjects.  Inside these subject sites, staff will be adding various mock exam papers, activities, assignments and notes for you to access.

To access Microsoft Teams, students will require a device that can access the Internet.

To access it, browse to and log into it with your Norton College email address and password.  If students are asked to sign into Teams through RM Unify, their RM Unify username is username@nortoncollege without the '.net' at the end.

Additionally, if students have an Apple IOS or Google Android device, they can download the free Microsoft Teams App for those devices, and sign into them with the same as above..

Depending on their Year group, and the subjects students are taught, they should only see the Team sites they're directly linked to. 

If students feel they don't have access to a Teams site that they should have access to, using their college email account, please contact your subject teacher.

NEW How to hand-in an assignment
If your teacher sets work for you as an assignment, this is how you compete it and then hand it back in.  WATCH HERE.

NEW Free Microsoft Office for Students
Students can download Microsoft office for free by logging into with their College email address and password, and following the "Install Office" link in the top right.

NEW Microsoft Stream
Students can access College classroom videos HERE.

Other useful websites