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Learn at home

Please find a copy of our "Remote Education Statement of Provision" document in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

To allow students to continue to access teaching and learning while the College is closed, staff will be using Microsoft Teams to both provide live lessons and to upload work for students to complete. 

On this section of our website, you'll find helpful information on all aspects of using Teams to support our students learning from home during this latest lock down period.

  • Help on accessing Microsoft Teams can be found HERE.
  • Help on downloading a free full version of Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) can be found HERE.
  • Help on taking part in a live lesson through Microsoft Teams can be found HERE.
  • If a teacher sets work for you as an assignment, THIS easy to follow YouTube video talks you through how you compete it and then hand it back in.


Support Material for students

For some home cooking and easy follow recipes and Cook with Jack

If you are feeling anxious

virtual museum tours


Support materials for parents/carers:

Lots of information here from the EEF about home schooling

For parents/carers of children with autism  also

For parents/carers of children with disabilities

For parents/carers of children with Special Education Needs