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Chance for Year 6 pupils to be a university student

As school trips go, certainly a pretty straightforward one. Destination?  The University of Hull. But the outing last week, planned and organised by Norton College, wasn’t for its current students, but for its new intake of Year 7s starting this September.

It is the College’s biggest Year 7 intake yet, toppling 165 students, and all but three of these primary school pupils attended the visit to the university campus. Many of the ten and eleven year olds travelled some distance by coach, including from Filey and Pindar, just to reach Norton College.

Welcomed by a team of student ambassadors in red T-shirts, the pupils were quickly divided into small groups to experience their first taste of university life.

Three hours later, after a packed morning including a campus tour with a treasure hunt, lunch and a student Q&A, the coaches returned the students to Norton College to let off some steam on the fields.

The visit to Hull University is part of Norton College’s carefully organised transition programme made up of lessons in school, three Friendship Afternoons, one with parents, and individual visits  (by staff) to each and every school that has pupils planning to attend the college in September. Special Taster Days are also run for Year 5 pupils.

Jess Waines, Drama teacher and Progress Leader for Year 7, said: “What a fantastic day we had. The students were fizzing with energy and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being on a university campus - and all its possibilities. We want all our students to aspire and aim high.”

Jordan Milnes, Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer at the University of Hull added: “It’s never too soon to visit a university. If no-one from your family has been to university, it’s good to start the conversation early: in fact the earlier the better. Today was an opportunity for the children to see what they could do and be”.

Mia Lavery, age 11, Norton Primary School said: “Today I saw what a university campus looks like. And it is very big! It’s a happy place. I really feel like I want to come to university.”