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Norton College’s enrichment programme is designed to support students in developing academic, social and personal skills in line with their studies and to enable students to engage with areas of interest outside of their academic studies.

Enrichment allows students to add breadth and depth to their learning experience whilst in the Sixth Form. It supports personal statements and CVs and helps students become well rounded individuals.  We expect students to undertake enrichment for two hours a week.

Our enrichment programme is divided into Core and Personal Enrichment.  The core sessions allows us to support and deliver sessions which advise and guide students.  Students have opportunities to learn about areas such as finance,

careers, sexual health, opportunities available and much more.  The personal sessions allow the individual to choose activities that they feel they will enjoy whilst widening their learning and supporting their CV and personal statements.

Pupil Voice

"I have taken Events Management as part of my enrichment programme.  I am helping to organise 'Well Being Week'.  I find it interesting how different people organise different events and what they have to do to make it successful."  Year 12 student.

"I have chosen to complete an Extended Project Qualification as part of my enrichment.  My EPQ is on a topic of my choice and that I am interested in.  I chose it because I know that universities look highly on it when applying and I know it will help me improve my independent research skills and become a more effective learner" Year 13 student.

"I have chosen to be a subject captain during KS3 English lessons.  I enjoy working with younger students.  I have chosen this activity because I would like to be a teacher and it will give me relevant experience that I can put in my personal statement.  I want to show how much passion I have to become a teacher" Year 12 student.

"I have chosen sign language to complete as part of my enrichment because I would like to learn a new skills and do something I have never done before, I also get a qualification form completing it" Year 12 student.

" I am a subject captian in Maths as part of enrichment.  I chose this because I want to be a secondary Maths teacher and wanted to get experience in the classroom.  It is helping me with my application to university and hopefully will make me stand out from the crowd.  I really enjoy it and it gives me a great sense of achievement."  Year 13 student.

" I have chosen football training and team as part of enrichment.  It is good to train  with the schools football team and enhance my sporting activity.  I train with them so I can play with the school team"  Year 12 student.