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I wish to keep the loaned Chromebook

As previously stated, we are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to keep the Chromebook that was loaned to you over the April lock-down.

The process for you taking ownership of the Chromebook is as follows 

Step 1 – Complete an online form.  To confirm that you wish to take ownership of the loaned Chromebook, you need to complete THIS form.  The form asks for various information from you.  Importantly, it asks you to confirm the serial number of the Chromebook, its important this is accurately provided so we can ensure that you receive the same Chromebook back.  The form also confirms that all ownership is transferred from the College to the parent, and that Norton College can no longer provide any form of technical support on the device, beyond providing help and support with accessing Microsoft Teams and that should the device fail, the College cannot be responsible for fixing or replacing it. 

Step 2 – Temporarily return your Chromebook.   In order to de-couple the Chromebook from the College management system, a step by step process needs to be followed for each device, and some might find the technical aspect of this confusing.  To ensure the process is successful for each Chromebook, Norton College technical staff will perform this task.  Please ask your child bring the Chromebook into school and to place it into the collection box found on the desk of main reception.  We only require the actual Chromebook and not the charger or mouse, please hang on to these at home.  Because you have already confirmed the serial number of the device you are allocated on the form in step 1, we will ensure that you receive the same Chromebook back when it is returned to you in step 3 below. 

Step 3 – The Chromebook is returned.  Once the Chromebook has been de-coupled from the Norton College management systems, the Chromebook will be returned to the students as quickly as possible to bring back home.  Depending on how many Chromebooks are returned at once, please expect a two to three day turn around between the Chromebook being handed in, and then handed back to the student. 

Step 4 – Back at home.  When brought home, you’ll find that the Chromebook will have been reset back to factory defaults.  When you turn the Chromebook back on for the first time it’ll run through the ‘first time use’ wizard, first asking you to confirm the language settings.  Next, the Chromebook will prompt you to connect it back to your home Wi-Fi.  You’ll then be asked to agree to the Google Chrome OS terms and conditions, and once agreed the Chromebook may briefly check to see whether it requires any updates, before finally returning you to the logon screen. 

As the Chromebook is no longer managed and controlled by Norton College, many of the restrictions and customisations we have put in place will no longer be present.  The logon screen will look slightly different than before. 


While the Chromebook itself will no longer be managed by the College, the Norton College Google accounts that the students have been using to log into the Chromebook at home are still managed by the College.   Those Norton College Google accounts ( need to remain managed by the College so we can control the user experience when used on Chromebooks within the College.  This also ensures any future tools, educational services, or filtering and monitoring solutions we buy into are applied to the managed College Google accounts for use in College. 

With the Chromebook no longer managed by the College, the Chromebook login screen will now allow any Google account to log into it, no longer just Norton College managed accounts.  We strongly recommend that students log into the Chromebook with their own personal Google account, and not their Norton College Google account.  This will avoid any future situation where home use of your now privately owned Chromebook could be filtered or monitored by the College.  If you do not have your own personal Google account, one can be created from the MORE INFORMATION button on the logon screen.