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Taking part in a live lesson

Whether you're accessing Microsoft Teams on a Window PC, Chromebook or on a tablet, the process of taking part in a live lesson is very similar.

1) Make sure you're logged into Microsoft Teams and browse to the Calendar section.  There you will find an entry for each of your lessons for the day.

2) Ensure that your speakers are turned up so that you can hear your teacher, and then at the correct time click on the lesson, then on 'JOIN'.  

3) Again, depending on the type of device you're connecting with you may be asked some additional connection questions.  By default students will automatically have their microphone and webcam disabled throughout the lesson.

4) Students will be held in a lobby until the teacher is ready to admit you,

5) One you're admitted, you'll be able to hear your teacher, see any learning material they share with you, and participate in any text-based chat the teacher allows.  Teachers will not turn on their webcams.