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School Uniform

Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a school student. Uniform shows that you are part of an organisation. Wearing it says we’re all in this together and adds to the family feel of Norton College that so many people comment on. We sincerely hope that if students wear their uniform with pride, it means they are visibly demonstrating being respectful and buying into what our is all about - namely "beyond expectations".
The link for our uniform supplier is here

Earlier this year the Government released statutory guidance on uniform, the purpose of which is to ensure the cost of school uniform is reasonable and secures the best value for money.  In response to this, Norton College has conducted a uniform consultation process which has included parents, students and staff, with the aim of making the unform more affordable, reducing the number of items that parents will need to purchase from the online-shop, and increasing the range of options that are available to buy.  

The outcome of this process has seen some significant and helpful changes. There are now only three essential items that are required to be purchased from the online retailer: the blazer, tie and PE top.  The school jumper is optional.   The additional change is to the colour of the base layers, changing the colour of the trousers, skirts and shorts from grey to black.  This change is designed to make it easier to purchase these items from a range of supermarkets and high street stores.   Please see the attached letter for full details, and the slide below detailing the changes to the uniform policy.