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Year 7 Mentor Evening 23/9/21

The Year 7 Mentor Evening will be held virtually through Microsoft Teams on Thursday 23rd September between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. You will have the opportunity to discuss your son/daughter’s transition and ask any questions you might have in the early stages of the time with us at Norton College. If I could ask that you have your son/daughters' planner with you, as there will be an opportunity to discuss effective use of this and the recording of home learning.

There will be a presentation from Tim Johnson our Headteacher and Sam Stones, Assistant Headteacher. The presentations will be held at 4.30pm and 6.30pm which can be accessed through THIS link.  This presentation will last approximately 20 minutes. Year 7 appointments with mentors should be made either before or after this time slot.

Booking your appointment 

You will book your online Mentor evening appointment through Insight.  The booking system will open on Thursday 16th September at 9am and close on Tuesday 21st September at 3pm. 

Within Insight, please click on ‘mentor evening’ on the menu bar and you can pick a time for your child. You can also use the ‘agenda’ button to write any questions you wish to ask on the evening enabling staff to prepare before your meeting and address these during your conversation. If you have not yet set up Insight for your child, please follow the link below for all the information you need If you have any questions regarding Insight, please contact 

Teams Appointment 

The appointment will be conducted over the Teams app and we will invite you through your child's Team account.  If you would prefer us to send the invitation to your personal email address, please put this in your Insight Mentor evening booking and the teacher will send a link to the meeting to the email address you provide.  If you will not be using your child’s Teams account, you will need to ensure you have the Teams app on a device.  To set up Teams on one of your devices, please follow the link for the information you need: